Why do you need Sanity Feed?

Does news drain you and drive you insane? Do you feel that the world is becoming a worse place by day? Do you lie awake at night, worrying about our future?

In a media environment that succumbed to the culture of “angertainment”, you’re supposed to be. But there’s a way out.


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There’s strong evidence that overexposure to negativity in the news can deteriorate our mental health. 

As humanity, we’re doing better than ever before, in almost every metric. Even with climate change, the biggest challenge of all times, solutions are emerging.

Here at the Sanity Feed, we believe that it’s our responsibility to know what’s happening around the world, but we need a more diverse media diet.

We’re scared of the aggressive men with guns too, but through our curated stories, we aim to feed a more nuanced account of the world through slower, solution-based, and humanizing journalism.


Anger is an important feeling, but chemically speaking, it’s addictive. Described as a “public epidemic”, too much of it harms not only us but also our democracies. 

Extremists of all kinds thrive on anger, but so does the mainstream media. “Angertainment”, stories that get us hooked for the sheer dopamine factor, is a genre in journalism by now. But it works: stories that capitalize on our primal fears of survival and addiction to anger aren’t only cheap to produce, but they get the clicks.

The Sanity Feed aims to fight this culture of “angertainment” and regulate our dopamine levels by curating slower, nuanced, and human-interest journalism.


The internet is growing at a perplexing rate and it’s increasingly decentralized. While there’s a proliferation of the nuanced stories to help us stay sane, access to them can be an issue, or at best, overwhelming and time-consuming.

Seeing that more content won’t necessarily solve the issue of “angertainment”, we’ll be thoughtfully curating a feed of stories to open your mind to a world of solutions, possibilities, and humanity. We hope to be the green smoothie bowl of your media diet, easy to digest and packed with nutrients while tasting great.

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Who is behind Sanity Feed?

Sanity Feed is a project of Didem Tali, a multi-award-winning journalist who worked for outlets like the New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, Financial Times, BBC, NPR, and many more.

Didem had the good fortune of reporting about issues of human rights and culture around the world. But her journey of journalism left her terrified of what humans can do to each other and to our planet. During her struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Didem spent a long time pondering how to stay sane in a world full of depressing developments. The fruit of these musings was her talk at TEDxFrankfurt, entitled “Staying Sane When News Hurt”, as well as the beginnings of Sanity Feed to help others stay sane and see the whole picture of the news.

What’s the future of Sanity Feed?

As an early-stage media startup, we are working hard to launch our first mobile app and website, striving to make hope and possibilities a daily habit of yours. In the long run, we have ambitious plans to tap into artificial intelligence and collaborate with tech companies. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter, which Didem will be sending out every Sunday to sprinkle some sanity on your week and regulate your dopamine levels. Any questions or comments? Get in touch with us at editor@sanityfeed.com


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